Festivals in Alabama: There are a variety of annual festivals held in Alabama each year, celebrating everything from Chicken and Eggs, Butterbeans and Peanuts to Music, Art, Antiques and yes, even the Boll Weevil. Festivals are responsible for bringing in Millions of tourism dollars to the state not just for the festival itself, but also for other Alabama businesses. The attendees include local folks, people from around the state of Alabama plus visitors from other states and other countries. Alabama Festivals thought some of the best and unique food around and are fun for the whole family. It is estimated that there are close to 3000 festivals in Alabama each year. Many festivals have over 40 thousand visitors. Alabama is the best at playing music and throwing great parties. So when you add the two together, you come up this the hottest music festivals in the country.

    26 Aug

    246 Commerce Street, Montgomery, AL, United States

    August 26, 2017

    8:45 AM To 5:30 PM

    Dragon Boat Races and Festival August 26, 2017, Riverfront, Montgomery, Alabama The Dragon Boat Races and Festival will take to the water Saturday, August 28th for their 8th… Read More