Fishing in Alabama, whether Salt or Fresh water, is some of the best in the World!

    Fishing in Alabama is AMAZING!  Alabama stakes claim to some of the best bass fishing in the world and has a rich history and diversity of freshwater and saltwater sport fishing opportunities within its extensive rivers systems, farm ponds and the inshore and offshore salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama hosts 47 reservoirs  larger than 500 acres that cover 551,220 acres, 23 Alabama State Public Fishing Lakes, and 77,000 miles of perennial rivers, streams and the Mobile Delta, as well as over 60 miles of shoreline along the GulfCoast that provides fresh and saltwater fishing. Bass is not the only thing we catch in Alabama! The most targeted species are largemouth and smallmouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, bream (bluegill, shellcracker, etc.), stripe (white bass, striped bass and hybrids) as well as catfish. There are limited fisheries for shoal bass, walleye and sauger. Big rivers and reservoirs dominate the freshwater fishing landscape in Alabama, but there is also an abundance of small streams, creeks and ponds available. Alabama has great saltwater fishing, as well. Our Red Snapper season runs in June and, at times, we may get a second season in October! For more information on Alabama fishing and hunting laws, Click Here

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Fishing Tournaments:

Alabama is rich with fishing tournaments. Bass tournaments, as we know them, began in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1968, when Alabama native Ray Scott started the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) which is headquartered, today, in Birmingham. He turned fishing into a greater than $106 billion industry by 1987. Those first rules for competitive bass fishing, that foster the ideals of ethical angling, conservation and safety are still used today all around the world.

     We also have a lot of FLW tournaments. FLW Outdoors is the sanctioning organization for a series of sport fishing tournament tours, the best known being the WalMart FLW Tour of high-stakes tournaments. FLW Outdoors expanded beyond bass fishing, with a new tour for walleye fishing created in 2001, for kingfish and redfish in 2005 and for striped bass in 2006. All of these tours have a hierarchy somewhat similar to the farm system in Major League Baseball, with lower-level tours that allow anglers to qualify for the top-level series. Many anglers in the FLW tour make a living doing it so it gets extremely intense, which makes it very entertaining to watch.  
     In 2012, Alabama announced the start of the Alabama Bass Trail which is made up of 11 premier fishing lakes through out Alabama. Alabama is already internationally recognized for the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and now the Alabama Bass Trail  offers anglers, from around the nation, an opportunity to fish the same world-class venues where the pros fish. The Alabama Bass trail will start it’s first year of tournaments in 2014, but unlike the Bassmasters, will only be open to amateurs.  
     Alabama Bass Federation, also for amateurs,  is the largest of the state federations with over 1000 members. Alabama even has angler programs for kids. But don’t be mistaken there are more tournaments and fishing for every species imaginable in Alabama.

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Fishing for fun and food in Alabama
      Alabama supports 11 million angler fishing days with expenditures of three-quarters of a billion dollars, so join in the fun!  To see some entertaining shows on Alabama fishing visit Venture Outdoors TV Show with Don Day, a Central Alabama Legend and Curt Gantt.
For the “Fishing for Fun” folks like myself, there are tons of places to fish. My husband Steve and I enjoy putting our boat in a river, usually the Cahaba or Catoma, finding a great bank and camping for the weekend, while we fish to fill our freezer. There is no greater peace!

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Fishing guides – freshwater:
From mountain streams to major reservoirs, rivers, lakes and ponds, from small and bigmouth bass to crappie and catfish, Alabama has an experienced guide that will put you on the fish!
Fishing Charters – Saltwater:
There is no place better for deep sea fishing than the Alabama Gulf Coast! Looking for a corporate, family, private or group charter? Want to catch red snapper, shark, or marlin? What ever your preference, you’ll find the perfect fit in Alabama.
Fishing Lodges:
Alabama holds claim to the top fishing retreats in North America! Whether you are looking for rustic or extravagant or want to fish and sleep where Presidents do, Alabama is your destination.
Fishing License:
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