How’s My Grouping?

by: Janet Kynard, It Happens in Alabama

Even though I am not a hunter, I love shooting guns. I always have. Yesterday was a wonderful day, helping Steve true in his 308 T.C. Encore with a Vortex scope. We were shooting reduced loads, so we wanted to zero at 50 yards. With full power, we zero at 100 yards.

Steve purchased me a cute green bird target that flips around, when you shoot it, then comes back to rest in the upright position. I get especially excited when I have a special target to shoot. I can see where I land each shot and don’t have to ask “How’s my grouping?”

This was my first time shooting this particular riffle. I wasn’t sure just how much kick it would have or how loud it would be. I’m sure, on my first shot, I tensed up and yep, closed my eyes at the end of the trigger pull. Not good. I was glad Steve was watching where I shot. I was about two inches over the top of the target.

There was no big kick or loud boom, so now, it was time to get down to business and have some real fun. If you will look at the picture I’ve attached, you’ll be able to follow along with my progression.

My first shots were the belly shots. While fine tuning the scope, I got a nice grouping on the neck. I was aiming to the eye area, so I was still a little low and to the right. The four shots in the head were grouped so well together that it was close enough to say we’re on.

The last shot I made was the top one, on the head. It looks like it was right where an eye would be. This shot killed my bird! The target flipped around several times and stopped upside down! We zeroed the scope right there.

When the weather gets warmer, I am looking forward to shooting at full power at 100 yards. I hope I can have this good of a grouping.

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