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 Wayne Allen’s Sweet Home Alabama These are the things Wayne Allen loves about Alabama.
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It Happens in Alabama’s Top How To Videos:
Making and Testing Wax Slugs for Shot Guns ~ Steve Kynard of It Happens in Alabama – “Making and Testing Wax Slugs” where he shows you how to take the cheapest bird shot and make it into a deadly slug that can do more damage than a lot of bullets I’ve shot; for approximately 1/4th of a penny each! Be sure to watch the bonus footage on that video for the test shooting! Make sure you know the laws in your state on wax slugs! In most states is legal to make and own but Illegal to HUNT with them.
How To Make Your Gun Versatile Using Inserts and Adapters ~ Steve Kynard of It Happens in Alabama – How To Make Your Gun Versatile Using Inserts and Adapters ~ Save money! Instead of multiple guns, make your gun shoot multiple calibers.
Preparing for Deer Season in Alabama ~ Preparing for Deer Season in Alabama takes a lot of hard work in the Alabama heat. First there’s the bush hogging, then the planting and hoping for rain! Check out Steve Kynard’s, Brock Lacy’s and Kevin “Common Labor” Guy’s hard work.
Wild Hogs in Titus, Alabama ~ This video is of pictures of wild hogs caught on our tree cam in Titus, Alabama, during the summer of 2012. At first we would only see one or two at a time, then the herd showed up. We were never able to put a pattern together of when they would show up, so we were not able to get one for the freezer, but we will be back after deer season.
It Happens in Alabama Miscellaneous Videos:
It Happens in Alabama presents Gulf Adventure~ IHIA introduces the new Humminbird Zipline at Gulf Shores set to open March 9, 2013
16th Annual RYU KEN Classic, Montgomery, Alabama: The RYU KEN Classic is an annual event in Honor and Memory of Soke Hiroyuki Koda, the Founder of the United States Yoshukai Karate Association. His son, Soshu David Koda and Senpai Adrienne Koda are the tournament directors.
Dan Pritchett, III gets his Black Belt  ~ 16th Annual RYU KEN Classic in Montgomery, Alabama on March 16, 2013. Dan you are an inspiration to all that meet you. God Speed, you are Blessed. 
Blaise Koda – Musical Kada ~ Blaise Koda brought down the house with his Musical Kada!  
Alan Butler- Musical Kada ~ Check out Alan Butler’s Awesome Bow Routine in the Musical KADA.
Danielle Hagan – Musical Kada ~ Danielle Hagan, Great Axe Routine in the Musical KADA – Montgomery, Alabama
Sherman Peek – Musical KADA – Sherman Peek – Musical KADA – Great Job Sherman!
Darius McDaniels in Men’s Sparing – 16th Annual RYU KEN Classic Montgomery, AL.  In red and black – Darius McDaniels
Men’s Black Belt Sparing – 16th Annual RYU KEN Classic, Montgomery, Alabama
Black Belt Sparing #2 – See an unexpected move that wow’d the crowd!
April 2012 Contest Entries:
Major Henry Howard ~ Great pictures submitted by Major Henry Howard, a Civil War-Reenactor. Pictures included are from the Battle for the Armory, Tallassee, AL. Nov. 2012 We are the 31st Alabama Infantry Regimental field Hospital, Co. H, C.S.A. and from Selma, Alabama
Nan Butler’s Granddaughters ~ Two Angels that stole Nan’s Heart
Shelly Watkins and Kyle Burgans  ~  Pictures submitted by Shelly Watkins. They include a great fishing picture, in heels no less, a picture of Georgia, her pug, sun bathing in the pool, Kyle, her son at the fair and with his 2 first place trophys that he won on his birthday at the 16th Annual Yosukai Classic in Montgomery, Al. These are great great pictures of fun in Alabama!
Wayne Allen’s Sweet Home Alabama ~ These are the things Wayne Allen loves about Alabama